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Android A New Technology

With the advent of new technologies, people are a bit overwhelmed with the choices that they have to make in regards to operating systems. Android is among the top operating systems in the market with approximately 75 percent of total market share. Being the most dominant technology in the world, many big companies use Android as their operating systems like Acer, LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Samsung, and Motorola. It has become an unsaid rule for the employees to have a thorough knowledge of Android before joining any company. In this generation we have need to learn Android Programming for future growth. 

Android is an open-source operating system that was founded in October 2003 under Android Inc in Palo Alto, California. Along with other reasons, Being an open source, Android operating system has gained a lot of popularity. In August 2005, Google purchased Android and since then it has been maintaining and providing all the updates. This is one of the top OS that developers love to work on as it is based on Linux kernel and allows them to create and run apps that can perform both basic and advanced functions. This operating system was originally designed for touchscreen mobile devices only. Google has now even developed Android Auto, Android TV, and Wear OS for wrist watches. Android provides many reasons to the developers for working with android:

  • It is open source
  • Widespread reach
  • Increase in marketing
  • Can easily integrate with other applications
  • Development cost is minimal
  • Great User Interface
  • SQLite is used for storage purposes
  • Since it is based on Java programming language, developers can easily learn, understand, create and deploy applications in the Android environment.

Some of the components of Android:

  • Android SDK: it is a tool set that allows the developers to write the applications on any Android device. The unique graphical interface helps the developers to test and debug their codes as it imitates an Android-driven handheld environment.
  • AAPT:Android Asset Packaging Tool allows the developer to work with zip-compatible archives. They can easily create, extract and view the content.
  • Intents: This is for the users and it displays notifications in any Android-enabled device. Users are informed and can be made to respond to that information.
  • ADB: Android Debug Bridge allows the developers to execute remote shell commands. Because of this, the basic function can travel from and towards the emulator port.
  • DVM: Every Android application runs on Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • AIDL:Android Interface Definition Language is the language that manages the necessity between a client and a service.

The architecture of Android consists of 5 sections:

  • Applications
  • Application Framework
  • Android Runtime
  • Libraries
  • Linux kernel


Any application that is to be installed is written here in the first layer. Some of the applications are Camera, Alarm, Contacts, Calendar, Email, Clock, and many more.

Application framework

These frameworks are allowed to make changes in the application and provides a higher level of services to the applications.

  • Activity Manager
  • Resource Manager
  • View System
  • Notification manager

Android Runtime

The very important component here is Dalvik Virtual Machine. It is because of this virtual machine that all the applications run effectively on the same device. Dalvik Virtual Machine is also responsible for handling low-level functionality like threading, security and memory management.


The libraries include open-source web browser engine Web Kit, Sq Lite database, SSL libraries, libraries to play and record audio and video, open graphics library, C/C++ based libraries and many more.

Linux kernel

Android is based on the powerful Linux kernel. It provides separation among the device hardware. It also contains all the necessary hardware drivers like the keypad, camera, display etc. Linux Kernel has benefited the Android as it offers the following features:

 The increase of safety between the application and the system.

Developers can easily develop the applications as Linux Kernel manages the memory.

The allocation and processing of the resources are taken care of by Linux Kernel.

It provides effective network communication.

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